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Buttock Augmentation and Uplift. For the man or woman who is unable to achieve their idealized buttock shape, buttock implants can be a solution.

  • Introduction

    Do you want to have fuller, rounder buttocks? Do you feel uncomfortable with a small, almost flat backside? Now, you can experience being sexy while donning that skirt that adheres to their new butt curvature or put on close-fitting jeans that show off the enhanced shape of buttock augmentation or buttock lift surgery

  • What Is Buttock Augmentation?

    Buttocks augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to curve or shape the buttocks for a firmer, well-proportioned backside. Whether you wish to increase volume, enhance symmetry, or perhaps upgrade the shape of your buttocks, the surgical procedure will boost definition as well as enhance general body proportions. Buttocks augmentations, or butt implants, is the surgical insertion of artificial implants into the buttocks which can result in a much more balanced appearance or simply a more sensuous backside. Buttock implants are soft, however are much stronger than a breast implant, and they are made of an elastomer so they cannot leak. Placed into each buttock through a single 2-3 inch incision over the coccyx (tailbone), the implants are positioned to look as natural as possible. You can choose between two primary options for buttock implants - they can be placed either sub-muscular (intra-muscular) or sub-fascial.

  • The Consultation

    At the time of the consultation, you and your cosmetic surgeon will talk about the improvements that you want to create in your looks. Because this is a very personal choice, you'll need to take the time to talk about every bit of your concerns and goal; such as how large and shapely you need your buttocks to be. There will be a number of distinct sizes and shapes of buttock implants you could choose. The choice for the shape and size of the implants is created based on any persons individual desires as well as on their over-all body build. Together you will figure out which size of implants will realize your desired size. All your different alternatives are discussed, such as incision type, location of the implant, kind of implant, and if a butt lift may also be worthwhile. Remember to ask all the questions you have concerning the surgical procedure. Understanding as much as you can about your alternatives, risks and benefits is vital to making an informed decision.

  • Surgical Procedure

    An incision may be created in any one of the following areas: where the cheek meets the back of the thigh, or at the crease of the buttock. The incision is generally made in the buttock crease, where scars are not visible. But, this area does carry a significant risk of infection. The surgeon then creates a pocket big enough to place the butt implants. The implants may be inserted either under the gluteus maximus muscle, or over the muscle. Occasionally, liposuction is done as a way to further boost the shape of the buttocks. After completing the same procedure on the other buttock, the surgeon ensures the buttocks are symmetrical and also appear natural. Then the incisions are sutured. The operation typically takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete. The duration of the procedure will depend on the technique used, the position of the implants, the patient's anatomy, and the type of anesthesia that is used.

  • Post Operative Care

    After surgery, you will put on a compression garment to provide support, which should not be taken off for about 2-4 days following surgery. The surgery stretches the tissues, and this can be very painful. This is particularly the case when the implants are placed under or below the muscle. You will experience the greatest pain within the first 48 hours, but improves with each day and is fairly alleviated by pain medications. Despite the initial soreness, most women claim that they are highly pleased with the outcomes of the surgery. Expect to stay in bed for 24 hours following surgery. Because your buttocks are part of the body that is needed for walking, sitting, and some other movements, you are likely to feel more pain during the recovery period compared to other popular cosmetic surgery procedures and the healing time is generally longer. Pain medications usually are prescribed to deal with the discomfort, but, after about 5 - 7 days it will be easier to move and start walking and sitting a lot more at ease. You will discover that there is not much swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation so the outcome could be observed very soon after surgery. Rest is essential to the recovery process, so do so whenever possible following your procedure. Consume a good amount of fluids, and ensure that you take the doctor's prescribed medications. Very likely, it will be possible to resume gentle, quite work within a couple of days to weeks following butt implants surgery. You must still stay away from physical exertion for a number of weeks, subject to the advice of your doctor. The stitches will come out within a week to ten days, but swelling may persist, steadily subsiding over several weeks. As the swelling decreases, the results will become a lot more obvious. You will likely be able to resume exercise and regular physical activities within a month or two, when the pain has subsided. Healing differs from patient to patient and depends on the surgical technique; implant type, and placement site that is used, on top of the degree of activities in your daily routine.

  • Risks and Complications

    With buttock augmentation, there exists a chance that the implants may move and cause the buttocks to look disproportional. However, the implants are positioned above the sitting part, this is done to prevent patients from sitting on them therefore minimizing the danger of implants shifting. An additional complication is that the implants could leak, or break. However, this incident is rare.

    All surgical procedures include certain levels of risk. The risks of undergoing buttock implant surgery may include infection, bleeding, unsatisfactory results, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and the need for second or even third procedure.

  • Vital Stats

    Hospital Admission: 3 nights


    Duration of operation: two to three hours


    Anaesthetic: General anaesthesia

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