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Totally natural & completely undetectable, hair fue is the modern day safe answer to experiencing a healthy head of hair

  • Introduction

    Hair transplant is the all out answer to thinning and balding!

    Now You Can Restore Your Hair, Your Self-esteem & Your Self-confidence!

    The result of the procedure is totally natural and may be completely undetectable! But choosing the right doctor with the right skill set is critical.

    Every person is unique, so is your hair loss. Therefore, we will tailor make a hair loss treatment plan for you based on your gender, age, size of hair loss and pattern including your budget.

    As your hair starts to grow sparse and bald, a hair transplant is the only way to fill those areas before they become significantly visible. The best thing about it is that it's your own hair.

  • Pre Operative Care

    Your surgeon, through our virtual consultation, will provide you with a list of instructions on what to do before your surgery.

    These will cover such areas as smoking, medications, what to bring with you to the hospital and when to have your last meal before surgery.

    It is of utmost importance that you follow these instructions, and the ones you will be given after your surgery. Your speedy recovery and health should be your number one priority.

    You will have to strictly follow these instructions before your hair transplant surgery.

    These are as follows:

    For smokers: STOP smoking two weeks before surgery. You will need another two weeks after surgery to start smoking. Smoking increases the risks of complications. Chemicals present in smoke act as free radicals that interferes with the healing process. Prolonged healing may result in the formation of large, hideous scars. If your surgeon finds out that you are still smoking, he will not perform the surgery.

    Stop drinking alcoholic beverages a week before your surgery.

    The day before your surgery, do not drink alcohol and make sure you do not eat or drink anything at least six hours before your operation.

  • Surgical Procedure

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is an approach where hair is transplanted from the permanent zone, the region in the back and sides of the scalp where hair is more resistant against balding, to the bald or balding areas of the scalp. This can be achieved by using naturally occurring clusters of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs, called follicular units. After the patient’s scalp is anesthetized, the physician removes a strip of tissue from the donor area, an area within the permanent zone, and, once extracted, the donor strip is slivered into several independent follicular units by means of microscopic dissection techniques. As these follicular unit grafts are being readied, the physician makes small incision in the scalp, called recipient sites, where the grafts are placed. The arrangement and positioning of these follicular unit grafts dictates the aesthetic qualities of a hair transplant, so therefore this arrangement need to be decided on a case-by-case basis, according to the patient’s history of hair loss and probability of future hair loss. For the simple reason that follicular unit transplants mimic the manner in which hair grows in nature, the results, in a skilled physician's hands, will appear absolutely natural and be indistinguishable from one’s original hair.

  • Risks and Complications

    Hair transplant is safe and carried out by a skilled, experienced physician. Still, individuals vary greatly in their physical reactions and recuperative abilities, and the outcome is never completely predictable. As with any surgical procedure, infection may happen. Excessive bleeding and/or wide scars, sometimes called "stretch-back" scars caused by tension may result from some scalp-reduction procedures. When hair loss progresses after surgery, an unnatural, "patchy" look may result-especially if the newly-placed hair lies next to patches of hair that continue to thin out. If this happens, additional surgery may be required.

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