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Holiday & Surgery Questions

  • Why go on a cosmetic holiday?

    The number of people travelling to go overseas for plastic surgery and dentistry is increasing at a great rate every year. This is a factor of many things:


    The dramatic increase in popularity of cosmetic surgery - people are opting to improve their looks and confidence through plastic surgery, and procedures are becoming socially acceptable as methods improve and people reach for more in their lives


    The high costs of plastic surgery and dentistry at home. Prices are increasing as demand increases and no medical health funds or insurance covers the cost of elective cosmetic surgery, so more and more people are seeking other alternatives


    International quality standards in other countries. Nowhere can this be proven more than our destinations, where private and government investment, dedication to quality and regulation has seen vast improvements in the industry and hospitals are beginning to be competitive with Western quality standards. The investment has lead to retaining high quality surgeons and medical staff and state-of-art equipment.


    Vanity Vacations have chosen Thailand as our country of choice for a number of reasons. The unique combination of world-class quality, service and expertise at affordable prices enables Thailand to remain extremely attractive as a destination for cosmetic surgery and recovery treatments.


    Of course, our personal care is something extra that you could never get from a home clinic. We are with you every step of the way, and will be on hand if you need anything. We will help with all formalities with the hospital and clinics and then ensure you are comfortable and recovering well. When you are on your feet, we can offer a range of luxurious pampering treatments or tours to show you around this enchanting country.


    No clinic at home could ever offer this combination of service, quality and great prices.

  • How many treatments can I have at one time and how safe is this?

    About 90% of men and women who travel with us will have more than one surgery, and combines surgery with dentistry and optical because of the great price packages that we offer as well as the follow-up care and support we offer while on holiday.


    Popular surgery combinations include facelift and liposuction or tummy tuck and breast enlargement. There are any number of combinations that you can choose, we have given indications of price for the most popular surgeries here, however, you can have any combination you wish, just ask us for a quote.


    The surgeon will determine how many surgeries you can have at one time based on your age and health and history. On healthy people with no prior health issues, the surgeon has performed multiple surgeries and have had great results. Normally it is safer and healthier to have a longer surgery than 2 separate surgeries, as you will only have to go under GA once.


    Hospitals are fully equipped with a full medical team in attendance of every surgery, thereby providing a very safe environment for multiple surgeries. You will be in safe hands and no unnecessary risks are ever taken.

  • Are the surgeons highly qualified and experienced?

    Vanity Vacations has chosen the leading surgeons and specialists to carry out the surgical procedures. We will only use these surgeons for all procedures, so you can be always assured of quality.


    The surgeons we partner with are all certified members of Medical Associations in their own country and have years of experience with plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.


    The surgeons have had comparable experience to surgeons at home. They have studied and worked in the UK and Australia and are on par with the high standards at the leading plastic surgery organisations at home. Low cost does not always imply low quality. The specialists have simply chosen to live in their home town with their families, but come as qualified and as experienced as you would find at home.

  • Why can't I find much information about the hospitals and surgeons on the web?

    The best surgeons do not have to advertise, as they have more than enough clients with simple word of mouth.

    Vanity Vacations has done all the hard work and due diligence for you. Over the years, we have interviewed and met many surgeons at our destinations. We selected the few hospitals and surgeons to work with based on the most important factors: evidence of excellent past work, a flawless track record, experience, service and price. As we found out, this combination is extremely difficult to find and hard to come by.

    There is a great deal of research that goes into finding the best surgeons and hospitals, and we strongly recommend travelling with us for this reason alone. It is extremely risky choosing a surgeon or hospital via the internet alone, and you will not get the attention and service from the hospitals if you travel alone rather than with Vanity Vacations.

  • Who are your past clients and how have the results turned out?

    Cosmetic surgery has been increasing at a great rate in popularity worldwide as people understand that their genes no longer have to be a curse. People are becoming more independent and want more out of their life, and cosmetic surgery is now seen as a life affirming action, to look and feel better.


    Photos and information on past clients are highly confidential, therefore we are only able to release photos approved by particular clients. On request, we can provide you with a previous client's reference and photos and we also update case studies regularly. We encourage you to call past clients in order for you to make an informed decision.

  • Why are the prices so much cheaper to home?

    The most important point is that Vanity Vacations works with the most experienced surgeons, specialists and hospitals. We do not engage in cut-price operations, we will never sacrifice quality for price. Instead, we offer a great value operations as well as a relaxing holiday.


    The cost advantage comes in with the low cost of living and wages compared to the UK, USA or Australia, coupled with the fact that there is NO TAX paid on treatments. Also, the great exchange rate means that treatments at our destinations is naturally less expensive than home.

    We have tracked down the best private hospital and surgeons in Thailand, so we can confidently say that you will get better quality and service for the price that you pay at home.

    The service is excellent - with low wages, the hospital is able to employ more staff which means you are guaranteed attention immediately. Also, there is no waiting list for private hospitals, as it is relatively expensive for locals, and therefore you can be guaranteed your service when you want it.

  • Why should I travel with Vanity Vacations - surely it is cheaper to do it all myself?

    There is only one reason why you should travel with Vanity Vacations - the service. We have:


    access to the best and most experienced surgeons, dentists and specialists

    direct contact and support that you need to monitor recovery

    local knowledge - we can advise when to go, where to visit, what to expect from your holiday

    prices we have negotiated with our clinics and hospitals and hotels mean that our clients often have better prices than should they go direct

    What you get is peace of mind from knowing that we will be there for you, which is extremely important when undergoing any type of surgery.

  • What is the post-surgery care like?

    For post-surgery support, Vanity Vacations offers follow-up consultations with the surgeons and 24-hour emergency support.


    We will endeavour to make your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. There are plenty of options, from simple in-room movies and magazines, to tours and activities when you are feeling better.

  • I am travelling by myself and I want to know what happens in case something goes wrong.

    We have a minimum booking period for clients undergoing different treatments, so for the time you are in our destinations, we are contactable for the entire duration of your stay - 24 hours a day. We will be the main contact and, depending on your needs, will sort out the steps to take to alleviate your concerns. We will have access to the surgeon if you need an emergency follow-up appointment. Most importantly, you don't need to worry about travelling alone - the beauty of travelling with Vanity Vacations is that we have access to the right people, so can arrange and organise things at quick notice to sort out any problems.

  • What are the steps for booking a surgery holiday?

    Vanity Vacations makes the process for enquiring, booking and paying for your holiday easy as possible. Please see out 10 Step Process


    Variations or cancellations of plans


    After your consultation with your surgeon, you or your surgeon may have changes or modifications to the original treatments that you originally agreed on. In this case, we will notify you of the new prices for the treatments you agreed on with the surgeon. You must make pay for all surgical and dentistry treatments before being treated. We recommend credit card payment or international money transfer for payment simplicity.


    If you decide to cancel your treatment with the surgeon or dentist, you will not be required to pay any amount, however, your accommodation and/or flights previously booked and paid for will not be refunded.


    Do I have to book an entire package or can I just book a procedure?


    Vanity Vacations is set up to ensure the client's total wellbeing. For this reason, we need a certain amount of recovery time before travelling to ensure healing and recovery is on track. Upon your initial request and booking, we will let you know what the minimum amount of days you need to stay in the country to rest. We ensure you it is time well spent and you will enjoy the time away from everyday stresses! We also need you to stay at the hotel so we can monitor your progress and be in close and immediate contact at all times.

  • What are the medical preconditions for surgery?

    We select clients carefully as cosmetic surgery is always a serious selection process. The surgeon will carefully assess your form and may come back to you to ask you additional questions. If you have had a prior condition, we will ask you to get a medical report from your doctor.

  • I am a smoker - will this affect my surgery?

    Smoking increases the risk of surgical problems, and interferes with the recovery process, increasing the chances of scars and complications. We have the best interest of our clients at heart and would never advise a smoker to undergo surgery.


    It is important that you abstain from smoking at least 4 weeks prior and 4 weeks after surgery.

  • Can I claim this treatment on medical insurance?

    No cosmetic surgery in the USA, UK or Australia, New Zealand can be claimed on health insurance, unless there is a medical problem (eg. breast reconstruction after mastectomy).

  • What happens in the case of a complication with the treatments?

    Vanity Vacations has a proven formula to ensure great quality results and happy clients. We state emphatically that - although all types of surgery does carry risks - the risk if complications is no higher than you would be advised at a surgeon at home.


    In fact, our experience has showed that we have a higher percentage of satisfied clients than clinics at home, as we take every precaution to make sure that complications do not arise in the first place. We do this by:


    selecting only the most experienced surgeon, specialists and clinics, where the history of complication is close to zero


    selecting the right patients - the surgeon assesses each patient's medical history, physical and mental status and current medications before travel and we do reject people who we feel may be at increased risk to complications. We also have strict standards, for example, we will not knowingly take a patient who has had smoked within 3 weeks of the operation


    having an excellent level of follow-up care, including careful monitoring over the immediate days after surgery, and availability of health care if you need it in Malaysia


    However, you must be aware that surgical results differ from person to person, depending on many factors eg. age, medical history and health etc. You may experience results that are different from what you expected. You should discuss and agree on your expectations with the surgeon before surgery. If you have any concerns while you are on holiday, the surgeon is on hand to discuss and treat any side effects or complications.


    When you book, we give you a form to read and sign which covers all the possible side effects and complications that may occur in very rare cases. You must also discuss and be thoroughly aware of the risks with the surgeon.

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