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Recovery & Post Op Questions

  • When can I resume using eye makeup after facelift/blepharoplasty procedures?

    The use of eye makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow) should not be used for 2 weeks after surgery. Cover-up or concealer may be used on bruised areas after sutures are removed.

  • When can I do tattoo/embroidery for eyes after facelift/blepharoplasty?

    Permanent eyebrow embroidery can take place six to eight weeks after surgery.

  • When can botox/fillers/laser resurfacing be done after facelifts?

    Non-surgical additions like laser resurfacing, botox and fillers can be done when the healing is well underway - you feel that your skin has 'turned the corner'. Laser may be applied onto areas not around the surgical site as this will delay healing a little more.

    The healing process is different depending on individual so listen to your body. The facial skin is usually healed in a week. Some areas heal faster than others. The cheeks and forehead may be healed in a few days.

  • Can laser resurfacing or chemical peels be done at the same time as a facelift?

    Sometimes yes, but resurfacing can only be done on areas where the skin has not been freed from the underlying tissues (i.e. the area of the mouth). Resurfacing around the mouth is a nice addition to a facelift, because the wrinkles around the mouth are not improved by a facelift. Recovery tends to take a little longer.

  • When can I start drinking alcohol after surgery?

    We recommend that you do not have any alcohol till your body is 100% healed from surgery. It is preferable to wait at least a month to have any alcohol.

  • Why do I feel very warm/hot at my face/neck area after a facelift?

    As the nerves regenerate, warm/hot sensations (including itching, burning, tingling, and shooting sensations) will occur. Ice packs, moisturizers, and gentle massaging are helpful during this phase of the facelift healing process.

  • Are saunas advisable after surgery?

    Don't use a sauna, a steam bath or hot tubs/swimming pools as these may harbour bacteria. High heat, such as from hot tubs and saunas can increase fluid build-up.

  • Should I have my breast implants under the muscle or over?

    The primary difference between in-front-of-the-muscle ('Over'), and behind-the-muscle ('Under') placement of the implant is the type of look that the breasts have. In front of the muscle, the implant has more definition up over the top of the breast, therefore higher and more effortless cleavage. With behind-the-muscle implants, the definition on top is less distinct, or some may call it 'more natural'. You may discuss your desired result with your surgeon and he/she will advise you on the best option for this.

  • Why do I have fluid retention after surgery? Is there a way to reduce fluid retention?

    The level of your activity is directly correlated with how much fluid you make. While we want you to walk and change positions often, waiting until your drains are out and your doctor has given you the green light to exercise is key.

  • How long after a breast augmentation should I be advised to wear a bra?

    An underwire bra should not be worn until the breast implants have dropped into their correct position. If you have inframammary incisions you will need to wait until after you have completely healed from breast augmentation to wear underwire bras. The wire may cause friction or pressure on the suture line, resulting in pain and problems with the healing process. The skin near your incisions may be numb after surgery, so underwire can actually dig into your skin and you won’t feel a thing. Sports bras or any bra without an underwire is ok, when your sutures are healed.

  • Can I wet the surgical site when having a shower?

    It is preferable that you do not wet the surgical site during shower at least for the first 5 days. If this happens, try to remove the dressing and set your blow drier to low and dry it thorougly. This will reduce chances of having any infection, while clean and dry wounds heal faster.

  • How long after a facelift can I color my hair?

    Most patients are able to color their hair two weeks after the facelift without harming any of the incisions.

  • When can I put makeup on after my facelift or neck lift?

    The sutures are removed one week after the surgery. Makeup can be directly placed over the incisions approximately ten days postoperatively to cover up and conceal any swelling or bruising that may exist. Facial cleansers and lotions can also be used at this time.

  • When can I go for an hour-long trip?

    In general it's safe to travel by car within a few days after surgery. It's important to stop and walk around at least once an hour for the first few weeks to promote circulation in the legs.

  • When I can resume sex after breast augmentation?

    Sex is exercise. You should not participate in any activities that can significantly raise your heart rate or cause excessive movement in your breasts for a week or two after your breast augmentation.

    The antibiotics that you are taking to prevent infection may interfere with your birth control pills, so use another form of protection while you are on antibiotics if you do not want to become pregnant. Also, for the first 6 weeks, our advice your partner to exercise the 'See But No Touch' policy!

  • Can I breast feed after my breast augmentation?

    It's likely, but it depends on the kind of surgery you had. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. The most popular method, making a "smile" incision around the areola, puts you at greater risk for problems.

    Also, your nipples may be more or less sensitive than normal.

    Once you've delivered a baby and your milk has come in, you may have exaggerated breast engorgement with pain, fever, and chills that are more intense than usual.

    Note: If your breasts were augmented because of underdeveloped (hypoplastic) breasts, you may have trouble producing enough milk. Use a pump after each nursing session to stimulate production.

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